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Privacy Policy

This website, is the online presence of World Grand Masters Association (“WGMA”), a company registered in England.

For WGMA officers and Members of Honour (“WGMA personnel”) only, we hold the following personal information:

  • e-mail address;
  • full name;
  • photo (optional);
  • résumé (optional);
  • association with a WGMA member (national or non-national).

The website uses photos from sporting activities at WGMA and other Grand Masters tournaments. If you think there is an infringement of your copyright of any of these please get in touch and we will remove the offending item.

WGMA does not:

  • sell any products or services online;
  • display any advertisements;
  • pass on personal information to third parties.

WGMA does:

  • provides details of website content and structure for Google and other search engines.

This website provides a contact form (click CONTACT US in the Menu at the top of the page) for communication with WGMA:

  • the e-mail addresses of the WGMA personnel are not publicly visible;
  • the name and e-mail of the person using the contact form are needed solely for sending the e-mail and are not otherwise stored.

Users can contact WGMA with any questions regarding this privacy policy.