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Calling All 80 Year Olds! Media Amazed At Over 80 Hockey

When Over 80 hockey players get together the media takes notice! This was evident when the England O80 squad got together at Cambridge University for a practice match ahead of their annual international against the Netherlands which will be played at Canterbury, England on 17th April 2024. For the first time there will be a second match between England O80 B and Netherlands O80 B. Two television crews plus national and regional radio covered the event and gave Grand Masters hockey some great publicity. Many of the England players will be in the LX Over 80 team in The Hague in June, at the tournament organised by HC Klein Zwitzerland with vital input from WGMA, where there will be four Over 80 teams – De Zestigplussers, LX Club, Southern Cross and Alliance.



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