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Grand Masters Hockey Asian Cup 2011

Seng Kang Hockey Stadium
Event Dates: 
2 Nov 2011 to 5 Nov 2011



Grand Masters Hockey Asian Cup

Age Groups

  • 60+ Men


  • 60+ Men |Malaysia | Hong | Kong Japan

Two New WGMA Competitions Held

The tournaments were held in the Seng Kang Hockey Stadium in Singapore, with the grateful support of the Singapore Hockey Association. Our thanks also go out to Kanan Pakrisamy, Chairman of the SVHA Organisation Committee for his friendly support.

The tournaments were held in parallel to the IMHA Masters tournament for teams with ages 40+, 45+, 50+ and 55+.

1st Asian Cup

The tournament was coordinated by Kenji Hamanaka, WGMA Vice President , and was contested for by 4 teams:

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Hongkong
  • Malaysia


2.11 Hong Kong 3-2 Japan
  Korea 0-2 Malaysia
3.11 Hong Kong 6-1 Korea
  Japan 1-4 Malaysia
4.11 Hong Kong 0-0 Malaysia
  Japan 2-1 Korea
5.11 Malaysia 3-2 Hong Kong
  Japan 2-0 Korea

N.B. A selection of photos covering the Asian Cup on and off the field can be seen in the Website Photo Gallery.

MALAYSIA won the title as first winner of the Asian Cup by defeating Hong Kong in the final match in a close match.

Players enjoyed games in a fair and friendly atmosphere without any acccident, serious injury, or suspension of players.

The climate was generally pleasant for playing under a mostly cool cloudy sky, with occasional light showers. Thanks go to the Organizing Committee for their kind consideration for elderly players of Grand Masters by providing game time early in the morning.

The tournament was played parallel to the second Masters World Cup. This was the first occasion that WGMA and IMHA have held both tournaments at the same time and place.

Kenji Hamanaka, Vice President Asia, gave a farewall speech in which he expressed the appreciation of WGMA to Singapore Veterans’ Hockey Association for their great efforts in organising two major GM tournaments, Asian Cup and Singapore Grand Masters Cup. He expected the next Asian Cup would be held in 2013, probably in Korea.

1st WGMA Singapore Grand Masters Cup

The tournament was coordinated by John Watts, WGMA Vice President.

Participating in this competition were the Over 60s teams of Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and England.


28.10 England 5-0 Scotland
  Australia 1-0 New Zealand
30.10 England 3-2 New Zealand
  Australia 5-0 Scotland
31.10 England 2-1 Australia
  New Zealand 5-1 Scotland
2.11 Scotland 0-8 England
  New Zealand 0-0 Australia
3.11 New Zealand 1-2 England
  Scotland 0-5 Australia
5.11 Scotland 0-7 New Zealand
  Australia 2-2 England

Final Table Placings

1 England 16 pts
2 Australia 11 pts
3 New Zealand 7 pts
4 Scotland 0 pts