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Wim van Noortwijk Memorial Tournament

WGMA is delighted to announce that Royal Club de Polo in Barcelona will host a Wim van Noortwijk Memorial Tournament from 25th June – 3rd July 2022. This tournament will offer hockey for men’s age groups 60+ to 75+ and women’s age groups 60+ – 65+. There will be also men’s 80+ and women’s 70+ if there are three or more entries for those groups. This tournament will replace the Grand Masters tournament provisionally planned for Valencia in 2022.

The tournament will be more in the tradition of the informal Mentors tournaments that were previously staged in Athens (2011) and Barcelona (2013) rather than the Barcelona World Cup of 2018 and will be open to non-national Grand Masters teams from all parts of the world, both current and former WGMA members. The tournament will be a ‘fiesta’ of hockey for international hockey friends and their partners – a fitting tribute to the former WGMA President who did so much to raise the profile of Grand Masters hockey and to prolong the playing career of so many of us. The traditional hospitality of RC Club de Polo will be offered throughout the event and there will be a relaxed barbecue evening by the pitches to round off what will undoubtedly be a memorable few days. 2022 is also a special year for RC Polo as they will be celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the club.

Formal invitations will be sent out by Pepe Borrell and the organising committee in the next few weeks but please put the dates in your diary and let your players know so that they can build this into their holiday plans for 2022. This is a tournament that no one will want to miss.

A report on the RC Polo Grand Masters Tournament 2022 has been published.