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This document contains guidelines for the HNOC of official WGMA tournaments on information to be provided for publication on the WGMA website. It is intended to complement the WGMA Event Manual and take account of applicable Internet technologies.


Tournament Website

The WGMA website is not intended to compete with a tournament website but rather to extend its reach. The purpose of the WGMA website is to provide a starting point from which all WGMA information can be found. Thus it is important that WGMA be informed of the address of the tournament website as soon as possible to provide suitable links from the WGMA website.

The WGMA website is intended to be a permanent facility and to function as an archive of all WGMA activities, so a tournament website may have a significantly shorter lifespan.

Please contact WGMA all in advance before decommissioning a tournament website to ensure the transfer of appropriate remaining information to the WGMA website.

Results Service

WGMA intends to set up its own online tournament management system (possibly in conjunction with IMHA) to ensure consistency in the managing of tournaments and reporting of results. When such a system is implemented, it’s use will be mandatory for all WGMA tournaments. In the meantime, HNOCs are requested to implement this functionality using whatever means are at their disposal (e.g. TMS, as used by England Hockey at the WGMA Grand Masters Hockey European Cup 2015). The results service will be linked to from the WGMA website.

Appropriate Media

Every web document should contain at least one image that is relevant to its topic. The tournament logo is one such image, and high quality action photos are another. Increasingly, videos and live streams are being made available. Please help by organising appropriate media and making it available to the WGMA website.

Social Media

The WGMA website automatically publishes links from new content on Facebook and Twitter. This includes tournament information and extends the reach of our content even further.

It is intended to automatically generate on the WGMA website hashtags for all WGMA events for use in Facebook, Twitter etc.


The WGMA website currently arranges all information on the site in descending order of publication or occurrence. Although only the most recent information is normally shown, the archive links provide access to historical information. Past tournaments are also available via the “Competitions” links in the page footer.


The following table shows the information which WGMA would like to publish on its website in connection with WGMA tournaments.

Before Tournament Announcement as soon as possible place, dates, website URL, results service URL yes
Invitation as soon as possible accommodation, travel/transport logo
Organisation as appropriate appointments, competitions, age groups, participants  
Newsletter monthly? ceremonies, issues, social events, meetings, reminders as appropriate
Fixtures as appropriate pools, qualification, play- offs, finals  
During Tournament Results real-time    
News daily summary, highlights, issues as appropriate
After Tournament Rankings immediately   of winners
Reports as soon as possible summary, appreciations/thanks as appropriate

This information has typically been provided in the past as a PDF file, but might also be hosted on the tournament website.

The WGMA webmaster should be made aware of this information before it is generally released by e-mail or message containing the PDF or the URL of the information. Thereupon the webmaster will publish the document (or a pointer to it) on the WGMA website.

The HNOC may then choose to inform interested parties by e-mail or other means, referring to the URL of the document on the WGMA or tournament website. This ensures that all relevant information about a tournament may be found at all times via the WGMA website.


This document contains guidelines and not contractual requirements. Depending on the situation, certain aspects may be inappropriate or difficult to implement. In this case, we request the HNOC to approach the WGMA webmaster so that we can find a workable solution together.