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Umpire Criteria

Modern hockey is increasingly demanding on the umpires. Players are fitter, faster and are constantly developing new skills and tactics. It is therefore essential that umpires adopt the same spirit and know-how through a thorough preparation and by keeping up with the new FIH rules.

Candidates must:

  1. be regularly active as an umpire of an FIH affiliated National Association or have a proven track record of such skills;
  2. have a complete knowledge of the latest FIH Hockey rules as set out by the FIH Hockey rules Board and Umpiring Committee, and they should also know how to interpret these rules;
  3. be medically healthy and able to meet the fitness standards;
  4. be able to communicate in English and lead the games:
  • in team spirit with his colleagues
  • with proven consistent performance
  • showing good positioning, mobility and fitness skills
  • using the right volume of whistling 
  • giving clear signalling 
  • showing commitment and concentration 
  • conducting the right interpretation of rules.


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