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Rules and Regulations


    The WGMA board is a management group elected by its national delegates to provide a structure for the organisation of international events for Grand Masters (Over 60s) hockey.


    The following levels of registration fee were agreed at the WGMA Congress at Newcastle in 2016.

    When a country first joins WGMA probably with just an Over 60 team, they shall pay a Level 1 fee. As soon as this country enters a team in a second age category (probably Over 65) their affiliation fee shall be increased to Level 2. It would then increase to Level 3 when that country enters a third age group (probably Over 70 and would further increase to Level 4 when that country enters a fourth age group (probably Over 75).

    A country having reached a level of participation shall only have their annual affiliation fee reduced in exceptional circumstances.

    The fees agreed for 2017 and 2018 are as shown and these can be paid in EURO or GBP:

    1. Level 1: €250

    2. Level 2: €350

    3. Level 3: €450

    4. Level 4: €550

    5. Level 5: €650

    WGMA will maintain on its website an official events calendar, listing a schedule of tournaments and matches under the authority of WGMA giving as much advance notice as possible and at least two years notice in the case of Grand Masters Hockey World Cup tournaments.

    WGMA recognises three Levels of Grand Masters events, classified as Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 competitions:

    1. Level 1: Grand Masters Hockey World and Continental Cup events. These events normally take place at two-yearly intervals and are for recognised national representative teams. Such tournaments may also include a Tournament Trophy competition for non-national and national B teams. All Level 1 tournaments will be scheduled to coincide where possible with the FIH World Cup and Continental Cups although locations and timings may vary. Level 1 tournaments are centrally organised by WGMA through the Host Nation Organising Committee (HNOC) and require the Host Nation to sign a Hosting Agreement with WGMA.

      WGMA Board has discretion to classify other regional international events as Level 1.

    2. Level 2: Other tournaments and international matches involving National teams played under FIH Tournament Regulations as amended for Masters hockey. WGMA should be advised in advance of Level 2 events if the games played are to be recognised as full international matches. WGMA will announce these events on the WGMA website in the Events Calendar and the results will also be recorded for FIH on the WGMA website.

    3. Level 3: Tournaments involving non-national/club teams or tournaments for national teams which may elect to play to a variation of the standard FIH Tournament Regulations as amended for Masters hockey - i.e shorter games, fewer technical officers, different age qualifications, less time between matches etc.

      N.B. Organising committees are reminded that official sanction is required for all tournaments. If all participating teams involved are from within one Continental Federation (CF) area sanction is required from the relevant CF. If participating teams are from more than one CF sanction is required from FIH. Sanction should be requested through the National Association (NA) of the host country.

  4. NAME

    The names of the Level 1 tournaments will be the GRAND MASTERS HOCKEY WORLD CUP, GRAND MASTERS HOCKEY EUROPEAN CUP, GRAND MASTERS HOCKEY ASIAN CUP etc. The name of all other WGMA tournaments should always include the words GRAND MASTERS.


    1. FIH Outdoor Tournament Regulations shall apply with amendments approved for Grand Masters hockey as Appendix 1.

    2. Match schedules should ensure that teams are not required to play games on more than three consecutive days and that there is a gap of at least 18 hours for every team between the end of one game and the beginning of their next game.


    The entry fee for each Tournament for each Team shall be 800€, or as determined by the members at Congress or special meeting. At the request of the Host Nation the entry fee may be set in local currency at the conversion rate at the time of the signing of the Hosting Agreement or on the date of the invitation.


    1. Players from around the World may nominate as a Team, or offer to play in a Team to be formed, provided they have attained, or will attain during the calendar year of the tournament 60 years of age.

      Should there be sufficient nominations of players attaining sixty-five years of age or seventy years or seventy-five years, then separate Divisions can be created to cater for these ages.

    2. The Teams nominating shall be entered into categories of National or Non-National to standardise competition. The Association shall determine the qualifications to prevail in any tournament.

    3. No more than two players in the Over 60 and Over 65 age groups and three players in the Over 70 and Over 75 age groups, who shall be not more than two years under the prescribed age, may be registered with the approval of the WGMA executive committee whose consent to the registration of under-age players will only be given in exceptional circumstances. In the case of Level 3 tournaments teams may apply to WGMA for special dispensation to extend the number of underage players in their squad and decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

    4. No player shall be registered for a national team in more than one age category and no player may be registered for national and Tournament Trophy teams in the same tournament. At the discretion of the Association and the Tournament Director, and only in the case of injury or other exceptional circumstance, a goalkeeper may be allowed to play in an age group other than the one in which he was registered providing he meets the age qualification for that group.


    FIH Player Eligibility Regulations (September 2018) shall apply.


    All members participating in a tournament are expected to nominate umpires to officiate at the tournament. The number of umpires expected equals the number of teams entered minus one with a minimum of one. The umpires should have qualifications that meet WGMA requirements or be highly recommended as capable umpires by the nominating member. The Technical Director of WGMA may invite umpires of a suitable standard in addition to those nominated by the members.


    There will be a Vice President from each of the continental federation regions, other than that the President of WGMA shall be the official board representative for his continental federation region. There will be no Vice President from that region.

25th March 2019