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Rules and Regulations


    The WGMA Board is a group elected by its members and given the responsibility to promote and encourage the playing of Grand Masters hockey by players, both men and women, over 60 years of age in all hockey-playing countries throughout the world.


    From 1st January 2020 any organisation or individual responsible for organising hockey for players aged 60 or over at a national or regional level shall be entitled to apply to become Full Members of WGMA. Full membership will not be limited to one representative per country. Applications will be considered by the Executive Board and membership will begin immediately on approval of an Application by the Board. New memberships will be endorsed by existing members at the next General Assembly. The Board reserves the right to invite other appropriate organisations or individuals to become Associate Members.

    Full Members shall only be considered voting members after payment of the annual subscription by the deadline declared by the Treasurer. Any member not having paid a subscription by the prescribed date shall immediately cease to be a member but shall be allowed to re-apply for membership the following year.


    WGMA will maintain on its website an official events calendar, listing a schedule of tournaments and matches for players aged 60 or over and other Masters events together with news and reports relevant to Grand Masters hockey.


    There will be a Vice President from each of the continental federation regions, other than that the President of WGMA shall be the official board representative for his continental federation region. There will be no Vice President from that region.

1st January 2020