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Medical Facilities and Insurance


It is the responsibility of every tournament organising committee to provide adequate medical facilities at the tournament venue as detailed in Medical Services and Facilities (Hosting Agreement Appendix 4).


Players and officials should be aware that, although every tournament organising committee is required to have in place some form of third- party insurance, it cannot be assumed that this is will include any liability for personal accident, injuries, or death incurred during the course of the tournament and its related activities, nor for any ensuing medical or hospital costs.

Players should be aware that it is customary in most countries that all hospital and medical costs incurred, including transportation costs where necessary, are paid by the individual at the time of the treatment for injury.

WGMA therefore recommends that each player or official ensures that he or she has sufficient personal insurance cover for all such eventualities.

It is also recommended that all players and officials carry with them or provide for their team managers some form of medical declaration to help provide a better understanding of your medical concerns and condition in the case of an emergency/accident. (An example of such a form is available for you to download – click here).

Players and officials also have sole responsibility for their personal possessions and sporting equipment during the tournament.