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European Trophy 2010 - Invitation and Advance Information

WGMA would like to invite all interested 60 plus veterans teams to participate in the 1st GRAND MASTERS EUROPEAN TROPHY tournament to be held at Braxgata Hockey Club at Boom, near Antwerp in Belgium from 2nd - 5th June 2010. The Belgian organising committee will be responsible for managing the event and liaising with team managers. Training and the welcome evening will be on 2nd June and the first matches will start the following day.

The WGMA Veterans Pools will be organised as follows:


Tournament for men aged sixty years or over (born 1950 or earlier – teams may include five players born in 1953 or earlier).


Tournament for men aged 65 years or over (born in 1945 or earlier).


Tournament for men aged 70 years or over (born in 1940 or earlier).

Please Note

In the Over 60 category teams will be allowed up to five players over 57 in their squad, no more than three of whom may be on the field at any one time. This has been introduced so that some younger players can experience Grand Masters hockey before they qualify for their national squads and also to allow members who have difficulty in raising a full team at Over 60 the opportunity to compete with other WGMA members.

This tournament will be staged under the authority of WGMA and the matches and competitions will be played in accordance with the currently approved WGMA Regulations (September 15th, 2008).

Any teams interested in participating, please contact one of the following (if possible no later than 30th November), and you will be sent a Registration form:

Adrian Stephenson –
Peter Child -

The Registration Fee will be 600 Euro per team, payable into an account presented in due time by the organisation committee treasurer.

Please visit the website in the forthcoming months for more specific information.

We hope that you will be able to support this tournament by entering teams in as many categories as possible

Kind regards,

Peter Child WGMA President
Bernard Verbunt WGMA Vice-President
Adrian Stephenson WGMA Hon. Secretary


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