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Tournament Regulations

All WGMA events should be played under the current FIH Tournament Regulations with the Amendments agreed by FIH for WGMA and other Masters events as follows:

  • Replace all reference to ‘FIH’ with ‘IMHA’ or ‘WGMA’ whichever may be applicable for the particular Tournament, except in the Clauses 1.7, 4.2c, 14.1, 14.2, 18.1, 18.2 where references to FIH remain unaltered.
  • Replace all reference to the ‘Chief Executive Officer’ with ‘Honorary Secretary’ or ‘Administrative Officer’ whichever is applicable to the Tournament.
  • Regulation 1.3 These amendments will be published on the WGMA and IMHA websites.
  • Regulation 1.5 Add: A player may not participate in more than one age group at any particular Tournament.
  • Regulation 1.7 Replace with ‘The FIH Image Rights Policy will apply at all FIH sanctioned WGMA/IMHA global and regional events. WGMA/IMHA shall enjoy the same rights as those granted to FIH under the FIH Image Rights Policy for images of participants at such WGMA/IMHA events.’
  • Regulation 2.3 Amend first sentence to: ‘The Tournament Director is appointed by WGMA/IMHA after consultation with the host National Association’.
  • Regulation 7 add new 7.3 (Amendment for Grand Masters only) A match consists of two periods of 35 minutes each and a half-time interval of 8 minutes. There will be a 2 minute break in play, taken 17½ minutes after the start of each half. This break will be controlled by the Technical Officials.
  • After the break, the match will restart with a push off. The team which has taken the first push off, will also take the push off after the first half break. The other team will push off after half time and after the second-half break.
  • During the break, players will be expected to leave the field and enter their team bench areas where they can rehydrate and / or take other appropriate measures to cool down
  • The Rules of Hockey apply to a Penalty Corner awarded before the hooter is sounded at the breaks and at half / full time.
  • Regulation 14.5 (Edited version) An individual or a team may appeal against any suspension. At WGMA/IMHA events where an FIH Representative has been appointed, the appeal will be referred to an Appeal Jury except that a suspension imposed after the completion of the competition may only be appealed to the FIH Disciplinary Commissioner as specified in FIH Statutes. At an event where there is not an FIH representative, the appeal will be referred to the WGMA/IMHA Chief Executive Officer.

Appendix 10 – Code of Conduct

  • 3b. Change all three references to 'FIH' to read 'WGMA/IMHA' as appropriate.
  • 7. Change FIH Chief Executive to WGMA Hon Secretary or IMHA Administrative Officer but retain FIH Disciplinary Commissioner