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Newsletter WGMA

Dear Hockey Friends,

With great pleasure we would like to inform you about the latest actions and developments of our WGMA hockey organisation since October last year.
We are growing fast, more efficient and older. Luckily for us, the Masters organisation has a hockey level to play in at whatever age we reach. All in the spirit of “a whole life hockey”.

That is why many members are actively preparing themselves for the upcoming European Cup in Southgate, England in August, the Asian Cup in Kuala Lumpur in November and our first tournament in Argentina, South America in September and early October – three important events in 2015.

I am very glad to report that the board in its new composition has been very active and enthusiastically working together. We had our first board and committee meetings this year in the Netherlands and France, March 12th and 13th with 7 of the 10 members present, at which a full agenda was widely discussed and several matters approved by a unanimous vote.

Below we will give you specific information on the different topics and actions.

Organisation Structure

The new WGMA structure with the 10 board members has now been completed and approved. 
The attached schedule shows that we have completed the team with a board member from the woman’s steering group and a hockey technical director. With this structure and the descriptions of the individual roles we should be able to run the organisation in an efficient way. As you will see the board members have approved the establishing of an Administrative Executive (or executive committee). The President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer are permanent members of this executive group and others may be invited by the President to serve on the Executive. During our congress in May 2016 in Australia there will be elections for all the board positions.

A special word of thanks to our Hon. Secretary who has done an outstanding job in coordinating the massive administrative functions of our association.

FIH/IMHA/WGMA Masters Panel

We have had two Panel meetings chaired by FIH. The Panel has proved to be a useful forum in which to discuss the growth, promotion and standardisation of Masters hockey on a world scale.
 FIH, IMHA and WGMA will work together step by step on a strategic plan for the next 10 years.

It should be emphasized that WGMA’s first priorities are to work with IMHA on standardising the way both Associations operate and to ensure the smooth running and continual improvement of WGMA tournaments.

I want to ensure that WGMA maintains its independence as the governing body for Grand Masters hockey and has no intention in the immediate future to merge with IMHA.

A full history of the WGMA is being prepared and will be available as soon as our new website has been launched.

Membership and Finances 

Following are the number of members that have now registered national teams in the various age categories:

19 members Grand Masters 60+
11 members Great Grand Masters 65+
7 members Senior Grand Masters 70+
4 members Vintage Grand Masters 75+
2 members Ladies Grand Masters 60+

We hope that very soon Argentina and Singapore, will apply to become our newest members.


During discussions about funding and sponsorship the need was felt for a much clearer picture of the number of players over 60 in the countries represented in WGMA. Therefore, we would appreciate it if each WGMA national delegate could provide the board with a best “educated guess” of the number of hockey players over 60 in their country, i.e. all hockey players not just those who are playing for the national teams.
 We will also investigate how many players there are on a global scale, not currently represented in WGMA – except of course through Alliance International.

We would appreciate national delegates giving us their feedback before 1st June.


Our capital and reserve is growing step by step and the 2014 accounts have been approved by all the board members. We have sufficient funds to run the organisation based upon our present membership fee.
 The final report will be shown at the Congress in May 2016.

Amendments to the Memorandum & Articles

The amendments to FIH tournament Regulations for Masters Hockey have been circulated to members of the boards together with Amendments to FIH Eligibility Regulations for Masters Hockey, both were approved unanimously by the board.

Also the Articles of Association of WGMA have been improved and updated. We have clarified the articles with regard to the proper functioning of the organisation, appointments, elections and procedures of the board.

Women’s Steering Group

After the success of the participation of women teams 60+ in The Hague 2014, the Women’s Steering Group has been busy trying to spread the word that women’s over 60 hockey is now under way. 
Particular efforts have been made to support the women’s over 60 tournament at this year’s 
EuroHockey Championships in England.
The Netherlands and England have both entered a team and there should also be two extra non-national teams, one from the Celtic countries (Scotland, Wales and Ireland) and another consisting of players from The Netherlands and England who did not get selected for their national squads and will play for Alliance.

The steering group now has a very good relationship with the Alliance International Hockey Club. This well-known WGMA member will continue to combine teams from various countries to allow more people to participate in the Tournament Trophies. They will now also be active for the ladies.

WGMA Website

Good progress is being made with the development of a new, more modern website for WGMA.

Stephen Winnall (a Team Germany hockey player based in Switzerland) is responsible for setting up the new website and at our board meeting in March, it was confirmed that he should be a consultant to WGMA with the title of Website Manager. Stephen has been in contact with FIH so that they know what he is planning and it is expected that the WGMA site will eventually link easily to the new FIH site. 
It was stressed that WGMA would always retain editorial control over its own website. We are expecting the new website to be in operation by the middle of April, and members will be given the necessary details as soon as possible. One of the board members will be responsible for ensuring that the website is operating efficiently and is a good ‘shop window‘ for WGMA.

Upcoming Events

Grand Masters Hockey European Cup 2015 - England, Southgate 21 – 28 August

There will be 44 teams taking part, including 4 women’s teams. The women will play at Old Loughtonians HC but will play at least two games at Southgate. 
It is the first time that a national hockey association (England Hockey) is organising our WGMA tournament. Obviously we are working closely together with them and will share all the experience and know-how from the past in order to have another great WGMA event.

The hockey technical organisation will still be managed by a TD and an Umpire Manager proposed by the host nation and approved by the WGMA. We are working on the final game plan and it should be available next week for all participants. We will circulate this as soon as possible an make sure it is available on the England Hockey website and on our own.

Grand Masters Hockey Asian Cup 2015- Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur October 26th – November 1st 2015

Entries are now finalised - Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and for the first time Singapore have entered a national team. Alliance may also send a team which would play ‘out of competition’.

Masters and Grand Masters Hockey, 1er Campeonato Americano de Hockey – Argentina, San Miguel de Tucuman 26th September – 3rd October 2015

WGMA Vice President Rene Granat has joined with Eduardo Guelfand, IMHA Vice President, to organise a tournament in Argentina which will include the first Grand Masters competition in the PanAmerican region. Argentina as host will enter a team and it is hoped that they will play against Chile with friendly games against Argentinian provincial teams and an Alliance team.

Grand Masters Hockey World Cup 2016- Newcastle, Australia 3 – 13 May

In only 13 months’ time we will convene in Australia for another great event. We will be sending out the invitations to participate in the next few days. In Australia, a great team of experienced people is already active with the planning and preparations of the event.

Any Other Business

The presentation “Lifelong Hockey from Cradle to the Grave” that was held at the FIH Congress in Marrakesh on behalf of the Masters and Grand Masters by Glenn Paton and myself is here.



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