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Jaap Quarles van Ufford

Technical Director

Country: Netherlands
Elected: June 2014
Born: 1948

Hockey Playing Career

  • Started playing hockey as 10-year old at H.C. TOGO (later H.C. Klein Zwitserland) in The Hague.
  • During early school years played for H.C. HLC
  • In later school years, played Dutch National League for H.C. TOGO again.
  • After school played in English National League at Richmond Hockey Club, London.
  • Played in Dutch National Military Team during military service.
  • Stopped playing in 1996 due to back problems. Trained, coached and umpired numerous youth teams after that.
  • Started League umpiring career in 1996, which lasted until 2015, including 7 years in Dutch national League and including numerous practice matches of various Dutch National-, <21-, and youth teams.
  • At end of umpiring career, awarded Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB) Distinguished Service Pin (“Bondsspeld”)

Committee functions 

  • Chairman of HC HLC
  • Hon Sec of HC Klein Zwitserland
  • Umpiring Committee of HC Klein Zwitserland
  • KNHB District Umpiring Committee and Umpiring Task Force
  • KNHB teacher and examiner of umpiring courses
  • WGMA Senior Umpire Manager and later Technical Director.


  • Umpire manager at numerous national and international hockey tournaments
  • (Assistant) Floor Manager at virtually all international tournaments held in Holland between 1998 and 2010 (e.g. World Cup in 1998, several Champions Trophies and European Championships), both outdoor and indoor (wide exposure to international judge- and jury duties)
  • Interim work in Umpiring Department of KNHB (Royal Dutch Hockey Association)
  • Fitness trainer for District League umpires

Professional Life

Various Sales, Marketing and Management functions with multinationals ICI and Cargill