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Latest News from WGMA

HC Klein Zwitserland to host Festival tournament in June 2024

HC Klein Zwitserland, the popular hosts of the highly successful WGMA World Cup in 2014 will host another major event from 24-30 June 2024. Invitations have been sent out to WGMA members and others for a 7-day tournament similar to the one held in Barcelona in 2022.

Tilburg continues for a 7th year

The popular International Super Veterans Tournament will take place on 27th, 28th and 29th April 2024. Described by the organisers as ‘social hockey with a competitive twist’ this tournament has become a permanent fixture in the Grand Masters calendar.

Over 80 hockey continues to flourish in Europe

The annual international between England Over 80 and Netherlands Over 80 will be played at Canterbury HC on 17th April 2024 and for the first time there will be a second match between England O80 B and Netherlands O80 B.

Euroluc (Ronchin) Tournament 2024

The dates have been announced for the annual Euroluc tournament in Lille. The event will take place between the 15th and 17th March 2024.

Australian State Championships

The 2023 State Championships were held in Perth in September/October 2023. Western Australia were winners at O60, O65 and O75 with NSW taking gold at O70 and Victoria at O80, the first time that this age group has been included. Read more..

In the women’s event Queensland won at O60 and NSW took gold at O65 and O70. Read more..

More fun at Bra

Bra HC hosted another enjoyable tournament in the heart of the Piedmonte region in northern Italy, home of Barolo wine and ‘slow food’. Among the highlights of the event was an old-time game of hockey played with antique curved sticks to old rules with players suitably attired to reflect the period! Teams from Australia and the United States gave the event a truly intercontinental flavour.

WMH Masters World Cup 2024

WMH have announced that the Men’s O65, O70, O75 and O80 will be played at Cape Town, South Africa in October 2024. The Women’s O60, O65 and O70 as well as Men’s O60 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand the following month. Read more..

Pepe Borrell joins WGMA Board

The election of Jose ‘Pepe’ Borrell to the Board of WGMA was formally recognised by members at the zoom Congress on 28th September 2023. Pepe has been the inspiration behind the growth of Grand Masters hockey in Spain and a major contributor to three successful WGMA events at Real Club de Polo in Barcelona. Pepe played for Spain from 1971 to 1979 and was in their team at the Munich Olympics in 1972. 

What is WGMA?

The World Grand Masters Association was formed in 2002 as a result of a fast-growing interest in Grand Masters (60+) hockey. The Association was recognised in 2006 by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) as the governing body responsible for the management and regulation of international Grand Masters hockey worldwide. When FIH decided that there should be a single organisation to govern both Masters and Grand Masters hockey WGMA supported and was instrumental in the formation of World Masters Hockey (WMH) which was launched in 2019. WGMA now continues as a members’ club for all individuals and organisations involved in promoting and managing Grand Masters hockey worldwide for both men and women.

Mission Statement


WGMA will continue to promote the concept of Grand Masters hockey which it has so successfully developed over the last 20 years.


WGMA recognizes the fact that players Over 60 need competitive hockey among people of their own age combined with social interaction off the field.

A Short History of WGMA

Since 2020 WGMA has been active in supporting the annual tournaments at Lille, Tilburg and Brussels and had a leading role in helping to organise the tournament in Barcelona in 2022 which celebrated both the 125th anniversary of Real Club de Polo and the contribution to Grand Masters hockey of former WGMA President Wim van Noortwijk. WGMA continues to build a network of individuals and organisations worldwide to ensure that there will always be plenty of hockey for all men and women who still enjoy playing beyond the age of 60.

Tilburg April 2023