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Grand Masters Hockey European Cup 2013

Kontich, Belgium
Royal Beerschot THC
Event Dates: 
18 Aug 2013 to 24 Aug 2013



Grand Masters Hockey European Cup (Men)


Age Group123
60+ MenEnglandNetherlandsGermany
65+ MenNetherlandsEnglandGermany
70+ MenEnglandGermanyNetherlands

Tournament Trophy (Men)


Age Group123
60+ MenNetherlandsEngland LXSouthern Cross
65+ MenEngland LX RedNetherlandsAlliance
70+ MenEngland LXAllianceNetherlands

European Cup 2013 – Invitation and Advance Information

The WGMA would like to invite all interested 60 plus veterans teams to participate in the 4th GRAND MASTERS HOCKEY EUROPEAN CUP tournament which will be hosted by Royal Beerschot THC at Kontich, Belgium between 18th– 23rd AUGUST 2013. Training and welcome reception will be on Sunday 18th August and the first matches will be played the following day.

Parallel to our tournament, the official EuroHockey Nations Championships will take place at the neighbouring Braxgata HC in Boom. It is hoped that many players and supporters will be able to watch games at Boom which is approximately 10 km from Kontich.

For your information, Beerschot has two water-based pitches available. During this tournament the club facilities which include tennis courts and a swimming pool, will be completely at our disposal. The club has a very friendly and hospitable atmosphere and has experience of hosting several major tournaments.

Kontich is only a few kilometers outside Antwerp and the organising committee will send some hotel recommendations in the next few weeks.

The Pools will be organised as follows:Grand Masters

Tournament for men aged 60 years or over (born in 1953 or earlier):

  • Division A (European Cup) for “National” (1st) Teams
  • Division B (Tournament Trophy) for second teams and non-national touring teams.

Great Grand Masters: Tournament for men aged 65 years or over (born in 1948 or earlier) :

  • Division A (European Cup) for “National”( 1st) Teams
  • Division B (Tournament Trophy) for second teams and non-national touring teams.

Senior Grand Masters: Tournament for men aged 70 years or over (born in 1943 or earlier) :

  • Division A (European Cup) for “National”(1st) Teams
  • Division B (Tournament Trophy) for second teams and non-national touring teams.

N.B. Division B tournaments could be subject to changes, depending on the number of teams that register.

This tournament will be staged under the authority of the WGMA and the matches and competitions will be played in accordance with the currently approved WGMA Regulations.

Please send your completed Registration form(s) by 11th January 2013 at the latest to: Adrian Stephenson with copies to Peter Child, Wim van Noortwijk and Alain Mertens.


The Registration Fee will amount to 700 Euro per team, payable into an account to be notified in due time by the treasurer of the organising committee.

More detailed information regarding hotels, transport arrangements, ladies programme and festivities, etc. will be forwarded to you in due course. The organising committee will brief you on a regular basis by email.

We are looking forward with great pleasure to meeting you in Kontich.

We are confident that it will be another memorable event.

Best regards,

Peter ChildWGMA President
Wim van NoortwijkWGMA Vice-President
Adrian StephensonWGMA Hon. Secretary
Alain MertensOrganising Committee

Date : October 2012