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World Cup Match Schedule

77 teams playing 240 games in 10 days has meant a massive amount of work for Jaap Quarles van Ufford

Please find attached the Final Match Schedule for the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup in Barcelona, 20-30 June 2018. This should be read in conjunction with the Competition Structure as described when the original draw was made. Everyone should be aware that this is really the FINAL schedule and that no requests for changes will be entertained. The schedule has been drawn up, taking into consideration that all participants have been asked to be available from the very start of the tournament until the closing ceremony. One should realise that every small change in such a tight schedule has repercussions elsewhere. The most important determining factors have been to avoid more than three playing days in a row and the minimum 18 hours rest between two matches. This has put pressure on a completely fair distribution of playing times and pitches but that should not be a reason for concern as all four pitches are good quality waterbased pitches. Also, it has been necessary to add a seventh round of play on some days to create the space necessary to be able to finish earlier on the day of the Tournament Party and start a round later on the day after the party.

Pitches 1, 2 and 3 are at Real Club de Polo. Pitch 4 is in Castelldefels (Camp Municipal), 18 km to the south of Barcelona.

At the moment the planning is that play starts at 09:00 hrs on all pitches, every day except the day after the party. Please note that the starting times on pitches 2 and 3 may still change by 10 or 15 minutes depending on the water spraying capacity at Real Club de Polo. No doubt this will be clarified at the Managers Meeting, as will other issues related to time management and the discipline needed for the smooth running of the tournament.

If you have any genuine questions or need any clarification on such matters as player eligibility, please direct all questions to the WGMA Technical Director, Jaap Quarles van Ufford.