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World Cup 2010 - Summary

England and LX Club gain clean sweep at the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup in Cape Town

The English hockey teams mastered all tournament categories beating off strong opposition, particularly from Australia and Germany, who came in second and third respectively in the same categories.

Excellent hockey was played throughout the tournament in difficult climatic conditions, sometimes rainy and often with chilly atlantic winds making play difficult. The tournament was played in the magnificent Hartleyvale hockey stadium with its breathtaking backcloth of Devils Peak. The atmosphere in the stadium was great on each day of play, and the drinks and food tents were well-frequented. Amazing how the first food tent was blown down by strong winds, only to be replaced by the organisers by a stronger structure within 24 hours!

Compliments are due to the organising committee for an extremely well-organised and well-run event, with special thanks to Jane Mckenzie and Brian Smith and their assistants for keeping things going under often difficult conditions. Merle Sterley, the Tournament Director, must also be praised for a magnificent job in running the technical side of the tournament, and she had the tournament scheduling completely under control at all times. Thanks are also due to Dennis Perkins for his management of the umpire scheduling each day.

All in all, an unforgettable visit to Cape Town for all teams and followers, with all the marvellous attractions the city and the Cape had to offer.


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