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WGMA Members Approve Progress Towards the Development of World Masters Hockey

There was an Extraordinary General Meeting of WGMA members on 22nd August 2017 during the Grand Masters Hockey European Cup tournament in Glasgow, Scotland.

The object of the EGM was to update members on the current state of discussions between WGMA, IMHA and FIH on the formation of a single body to be responsible for Masters hockey at all existing age levels from 35+ to 75+.

With the help of a PowerPoint presentation Wim van Noortwijk outlined the history of WGMA from its foundation in 2002. He described the formation of the FIH Masters Hockey Panel which was designed to bring IMHA and WGMA closer together and to standardize the way in which Masters and Grand Masters were managed and to ensure that the same tournament regulations were followed for all age groups. From the FIH Congress in Marrakesh and the introduction of the Hockey Revolution it had been made clear that FIH wished to have one body responsible for all Masters hockey and it was subsequently agreed that the target date for creating what is now called World Masters Hockey would be 2018 with the organization becoming operational in 2019. This meeting was an opportunity to make the plans for the future as clear as possible to everyone and to get confirmation from WGMA members that they are happy with the way change is being managed by their Board.

After an open discussion members approved the Motion put to the meeting that:

“The members of WGMA approve the concept of one single entity to manage both Masters and Grand Masters Hockey and support the continuing efforts of Wim van Noortwijk and Adrian Stephenson to negotiate on behalf of WGMA a successful outcome that will meet the requirements of FIH and at the same time retain the identity and culture of Grand Masters hockey.

The members reserve the right to examine, prior to the WGMA Congress in Barcelona in June 2018, the Memorandum and Articles (or Constitution) of the new single entity and the way in which it proposes to interface with the existing activities of WGMA and utilise the personnel currently organising Grand Masters hockey both as officers of WGMA and as delegates of member nations.”

The meeting concluded with a brief presentation from Pepe Borrell (representing the Host Nation Organising Committee) which updated members on the preparations being made by Spain and Real Club de Polo for the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup 2018 in Barcelona.


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