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Updated tournament information - Aug 2023

Monday, 21st August 2023 - 16:03

ISVT 2023 review

The ISVT 2023 is over! And what a party it was again. With no less than:

  • 45 teams, 7 poules
  • 174 matches within 3 days, played at 7 and from Saterday on 6 pitches
  • 200 people at the buffet on Friday
  • More than 500 dining dancers on Saturday (On Sunday morning conclusion of some players: one dance too many!) during the ISVT tournament 2023.

It seems that there was one male panther and a lot of female panthers amongst lions, angels and roses at the party.

We have received a lot of compliments! Superlatives such as 'best tournament ever' and 'best organized tournament in the world' give energy, we also received a lot of praise for the arbitration!

Fortunately, we still have the photos and videos to enjoy, a few photos below this post, more photos can be admired soon at An aftermovie will soon be shown for the first time.

Next year, during the weekend of King's Day, we will do it all over again and you will all be there again. As it looks now, ISVT 2024 will be held on April 26, 27 & 28, 2024.

Final Standings can be found in the attached sheet.

During the Prize giving ceremony the ISVT Cup 2023 was awarded to The Scottish Thistles, Men and Women, by Bernard Verbunt and accompanied with a charter. The text in Tilburg slang refers to the Liberation of Tilburg in October 1944 by the Scottish 15th Infantry Division. called the “Red Lions”. 

Full PDF with Final Stadings and Standings (click here to view)