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Terms Of Reference - WGMA Administrative Executive (“AE”)


The overall aims and objectives of the Administrative Executive are to competently perform the non strategic day to day administrative functions of the WGMA Board, under the guidance and instruction of the Board.


2.1 The AE derives its authority from the WGMA Board under Clause 51 and Clause 75(iii) of the WGMA Articles of Association.

2.2 The AE consists of the President, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer together with any elected Board member requested by the President.

2.3 The President may co-opt a non elected member to the AE in a non voting and advisory capacity, at his discretion. The period of appointment will be for a maximum period of 2 years but will automatically expire at the next Congress of members. Should the President require the ongoing services of that appointee after Congress, such will need to be ratified by Congress upon presentation of an explanation paper by the President.

2.4 The AE has no voting authority (or quorum) in its responsibilities. Any matter requiring a vote is to be referred to the WGMA Board for deliberation.


3.1 Communication and advices to WGMA Delegates and Board members.

3.2 Day to day non strategic matters broadly described as administrative, allowing for the competent and timely attendance to Presidential, Secretarial and Treasury issues of WGMA.

3.3 For the avoidance of doubt, the Board of WGMA is expected to meet quarterly where issues of strategy, public policy and Board papers are traditionally discussed. The Board will debate and vote on such issues, directing the AE to implement those decisions.


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