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Privacy Policy

This website, (also:, is the online presence of World Grand Masters Association ("WGMA"), a company registered in England.

For WGMA officers and Members of Honour ("WGMA personnel") only, we hold the following personal information:

  • e-mail address;
  • full name;
  • photo (optional);
  • résumé (optional);
  • association with a WGMA member (national or non-national).

The website uses photos from sporting activities at WGMA tournaments and other grand masters tournaments recognised by WGMA and/or publicised on this website.

WGMA personnel's personal information will be deleted on request by e-mail to the Web Manager at and subsequent confirmation.

WGMA does not:

  • sell any products or services online;
  • display any advertisements;
  • pass on personal information to third parties.

WGMA does:

  • occasionally conduct simple logfile analysis (Webalizer Logfile Analysis);
  • provides details of website content and structure for Google and other search engines.

This website provides contact forms for sending e-mail to WGMA personnel:

  • the e-mail addresses of the WGMA personnel are not publicly visible;
  • the name and e-mail of the person using the contact form are needed solely for sending the e-mail and are not otherwise stored.

Users can contact WGMA with any questions regarding this privacy policy via e-mail to the Web Manager at


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