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Officials for the Masters World Cup 2022

WMH made this announcement on Facebook regarding appointments for the Masters World Cup 2022 - anyone who has not received this Facebook message should respond on this link or contact Stephen Catton via

WMH World Cup Umpire & UM Appointments 2022

On behalf of the WMH Technical Committee (WMH TC) and Umpire Sub Committee (WMH USC), Iā€™m providing a brief update on the process for appointment of Umpires and Umpire Managers to the 2022 WMH World Cups.

The WMH USC has reconvened and is in the process of getting ready to send out the appointment process for the 2022 WMH Indoor World Cup. In the next few weeks engagements will commence with the National Associations, followed by an Expression of Interest process.

In relation to the WMH Outdoor World Cups, we confirm that existing appointments will be offered the same events again, subject to the number of team entries received by WMH. Where previously appointed umpires or UMs are no longer available, or wish to consider switching tournaments, the WMH USC will review the requirements and assess the optimal approach to fill the panels (expand/reduce the existing applications, new EOI, Host Association opportunities). Further details will be sent after the indoor process is communicated and delivered.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Wendy, Reinier, Rob and Swampy


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