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New Appointments at WGMA

Following discussions at the last Board meeting, there have been two new appointments to the management team. Jawed Khan will be working with Adrian Stephenson to share the administrative work of the Hon Secretary and Linda Skelton has been asked to advise the Board on the expectations of women Grand Masters in the future development of WGMA. Linda and Jawed join a management team that now includes the four current Board members plus Steve Winnall, our website manager, and Michael Gallant, who works with Dave Ferguson in presenting our accounts.

We are confident that this team will help to build an exciting future for WGMA, ensuring a solid network of like-minded people who will continue to promote the spirit of Grand Masters hockey around the world, bringing hockey opportunities and international friendship to players and offering an enjoyable holiday experience to their supporters.

The WGMA team for 2021: John Willmott (England), Adrian Stephenson (England), Jaap Quarles van Ufford (Netherlands), Dave Ferguson (Wales), Linda Skelton (England), Jawed Khan (Italy), Steve Winnall (Switzerland), Michael Gallant (England)

Adrian Stephenson
Hon Secretary, WGMA


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Linda Skelton

Jawed Khan