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Masters' Hockey

WGMA/IMHA/FIH Coordination

The development of Masters Hockey in the world has become an important issue for FIH, and regular discussions and meetings have been held between FIH, WGMA and IMHA to coordinate the structure of Masters and Grand Masters hockey, and to establish closer contact with National Associations to promote Masters hockey in their countries.

These efforts have culminated in the FIH Hon.Secretary General, Peter Cohen, sending out the letter below to all FIH National Associations to promote further interest. A joint WGMA/IMHA letter was subsequently sent out to the National Associations also requesting their support (see below).

Both WGMA and IMHA have been invited to the main FIH Congress in Montreux, Switzerland in November, where it is hoped that we can stimulate more hockey nations to organise their own Masters hockey teams to take part in future Masters tournaments.

Regular updates on this theme will be entered as and when there are further interesting developments to report.


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