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Masters' Hockey

Lausanne, 12 August 2010

To: All Affiliated National Associations

Dear friends,


FIH has been taking note of the rapid growth in recent years of Masters hockey, which is the term that we now apply to all hockey for men in age groups of Over 40 and above and for women in age groups of Over 35 and above. A number of FIH members already have their own internal structure for the organisation and regulation of Masters hockey and we are delighted that older players in those countries are already being actively encouraged to remain in the game.

International matches at various age levels have been organised on an informal basis for some time. However in recent years two organisations have evolved who have brought a structure and regulation to international competition for Masters hockey. The World Grand Masters Association (WGMA) and the International Masters Hockey Association (IMHA) have organised, with the endorsement of FIH, Masters World Cup, Masters European Cup and other regional Masters competitions. We are grateful to both organisations for taking these initiatives and both are now formally recognised by FIH. IMHA are responsible to FIH for the organisation for international competitions of both genders for all Masters age groups - over 40, over 45, over 50 and over 55, and WGMA are responsible to FIH for the Grand Masters age groups of both genders - Grand Masters (over 60), Great Grand Masters (over 65) and Senior Grand Masters (over 70).

We hope that more countries will encourage the domestic organisation of Masters hockey and will develop their own national sides in the various Masters and Grand Masters age groups to take part in future competitions. We would encourage countries to establish contact with both WGMA and IMHA and to this effect we are listing below the relevant contact details. We have also asked Ben Rea, Chairman of IMHA, and Peter Child, President of WGMA, to write to you to introduce themselves and we hope that you will nominate someone within your organisation to be the point of contact for Masters hockey.

Peter Child – President WGMA Ben Rea – Chairman IMHA
Agnesstrasse 4 15 The Knolls
80801 Munich Epsom Downs
Germany KT717 3ND
Tel: 0049 89 27 11929 England
Email: Email:
Web: Web:


Yours sincerely,

Peter L. Cohen

FIH Hon. Secretary General


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