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LX Home Internationals 2010

Swansea Bay H.C., Swansea, Wales, Saturday 3rd July 2010

Wales hosted the Home Countries international tournament on 3rd July 2010 in Swansea. Wales fielded an Over 60s second team in the Over 65s competition, in which only the Scotland-England result counted towards the home championship. There was also a programme of friendlies on Sunday 4th July.

Match Schedule


10:00 Scotland v England Over 60s
11:30 Wales B v England Over 65s
14:00 Wales v Scotland Over 60s
15:30 Scotland v England Over 65s
17:00 Wales v England Over 60s

Sunday (friendlies, 25 minutes each way)

10:00 England v Scotland Over 65s
11:00 England v Scotland Over 60s
13:30 Wales B v England Over 65s
14:30 Wales v England Over 60s

Over 60s Squads

Scotland: Alan Auld, Alan Bain, Douglas Caren, Alex Cathro, Graham Conkie, Roy Crichton, Douglas Dunlop, Andrew Ferrol, David McIntosh, Ken Moore, Tim Pollard, Colin Tucker. Manager – Peter Monaghan.

Wales: Glyn Thomas (Gk), Chris Parry, Tony Nicholas, Martin Brough, Chris Hills, Bernie Wheeler, Roger Willis (Cpt), Peter Havlin, Ben Johnson, Ralph Thomas, Martin Kavanagh, Richard Harbottle, Martin Day, Ian Towler. Manager – Chris Harness.

England: John Steward (Gk), Ian Mellor, Neil Major, Clive Hicks, Santa Bansal, Alan Muller (Cpt), Sarosh Talati, Greg Hutchins, Brian Hopkins, George Johnson, Neil Stone, John Maylam, Stephen Stowell, Richard Slator, Imtiaz Mahmood-Skeikh, Brian Stokes. Manager – Andy Barnes.

Over 65s Squads

Scotland: George Black (Gk) Alan Bremner, Alan Bryce, Ernie di Rollo, Ian Downie, Keith Forster (Cpt), Rab Keddie, David Margerison, Kieran McLernan, Dick Pearce, Alan Strachan, Sandy Weir.

Wales B: Dave Maas (Cpt), Keith Davies, Thong Boey, Glynne Best, Derek Salisbury, Keith Maddox, Tony Francis, Dave Ferguson, Jeff Robinson, Alun Morgan, Ernie Brittain-Dodd, Brian Minney, Alan Coles. Manager – Cemlyn Foulkes.

England: Alan Dures, Adrian Robertson, Jim Tranter, Peter Crayford, Ken Wilcock, Terry Howlett, John Longdon, Mike Surridge (Cpt), Brian Perryman, Peter Ross, Norman Ballard, Bob Purshouse, Alistair Watson, Ted Hayes. Manager – John Oakshatt.

England triumph in LX Home Internationals

In the LX Home Internationals played at Swansea on 3rd July 2010, England came first, Wales second and Scotland third with England beating Scotland 4-1 and Wales 8-0 and Wales beating Scotland 5-0.

In the first Over 60s match, England triumphed 4-1 against Scotland in a match which they dominated but where Scotland were unlucky when the umpire signalled a short corner as Dunlop despatched the ball behind the England keeper. Scotland defended stoutly but could not keep out two goals in each half including a Hutchings hat-trick. Crichton gave the Scots a bit of pride by netting with a fine shot at a short corner in the closing minutes.

In the second match, Wales eased to a best-ever performance against the Scots, winning 5-0. They were rarely troubled and played some excellent hockey with the three newcomers since the European tournament in Boom – Martin Brough, Ralph Thomas and Bernie Wheeler – contributing significantly to the win. Martin Kavanagh scored early on from a short corner and again with the faintest of touches when Bernie Wheeler crashed the ball into the circle. The other three were opportunistic goals with one from Ian Towler and a brace from Ralph Thomas.

There was little time, however, for Wales to be carried away with the euphoria of such a fine win as two hours later they were due to play England. It was then Wales’ misfortune to come up against a superbly professional and accomplished England side who scored twice in the first five minutes and continued to play some magnificent hockey for the rest of the match, winning eventually 8-0.

The Wales team, however, learned quickly after the experience of Saturday and matters improved markedly during the Sunday friendly, which England won 3-1. England scored three first half-goals and Wales replied with one in the second half from Ralph Thomas. In an excellent, hard fought match, England continued to play the accomplished hockey of the previous day but, on this occasion, were almost matched by their opponents.

In the Over 65s international between England and Scotland, Scotland put in a creditable performance but a brace of goals each side of half time ensured the trophy for the English in a game in which Scotland resisted well but failed to make an impact in the final third.

The friendly Over 65 match played on Sunday produced the same score-line, 4-0 but Scotland showed signs of improvement in teamwork and passing which they will hope to build on before the World Championships in Cape Town in September.

In the Over 60s friendly, their younger counterparts shocked England by taking an early lead through Dunlop which they held until just before half time when Hutchings scored the first of his three goals, adding a second shortly after. The tiring Scots could not prevent a very sharp England forward line adding a further three goals to make the final score 5-1.

It was good to see a Wales Second Eleven take the field in the Over 65s competition showing that there are an increasing number of ‘Dros Chwe Deg’ players in the Principality. Led by Dave Maas and his Vice-Captain Keith Davies, not many of the players have reached 65 yet but within a couple of years, hopefully, Wales will be able to put out a competitive side at that level as well. In the event, they performed creditably, losing 4 - 0 to England Over 65s on the Saturday and 2 – 0 on the Sunday.

International Match Results: Over 60s

England 4-1 Scotland
Wales 5-0 Scotland
Wales 0-8 England

International Result: Over 65s

England 4-0 Scotland

Friendlies on Sunday: Over 60s

England 3-1 Wales
England 5-1 Scotland

Friendlies on Sunday: Over 65s

England 4-0 Scotland


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