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International Hockey for the Over-60s

Does active participation in the game continue for the mature hockey player? The answer is simple: "yes, it does"!

The FIH has recognised the World Grand Masters Association (WGMA) as the body to promote hockey for persons of 60 years and older. The WGMA for that purpose organises several tournaments each year. In those tournaments national teams compete for various cups.

The participants in those tournaments are grouped in the categories 60+, 65+, 70+ and 75+ (named respectively Grand Masters, Great Grand Masters, Senior Grand Masters and Vintage Grand Masters).

In parallel to the tournaments for national teams, these tournaments also have a division for a Tournament Trophy, for second teams or for non-national teams. In this way the possibility for persons of 60 years or older to play hockey in an international setting is guaranteed.

The National Associations are the members of WGMA.

In 2002, when the first Grand Masters World Cup was played in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) several persons wanted to play, but were unable to get together a full team of their own country. The foremost of these was Mr. Johan Herbert from Belgium. Together with several others he formed a team comprising players of different nationalities and thus was able to successfully take part in the Kuala Lumpur tournament.

The team was entered under the name of "Alliance". All members of that team were very enthusiastic about being able to play at an international level and it was decided that Alliance International Hockey Club would become a formal club and also the only international member of WGMA, with Mr. Johan Herbert as its first president.

Today the club has about 180 members from 30 nationalities and takes part in all the tournaments organised by WGMA and also in tournaments organised by others all over the world.

The club welcomes new members from any country.

How to become a member

Simply write an e-mail to the secretary expressing your wish to become a member. In a reply you will receive the necessary form to fill in or you can download the form from the Alliance website => membership.


There is no entrance fee. Contributing to the cost of running Alliance is done in one of three possible ways, at your own choice:

1. Temporary Membership

You only pay a fee when you play in a tournament.

The amount is a surcharge of EUR 25 on the participation cost of the tournament.

Temporary membership will extend only to the end of the tournament for which the membership was paid, but membership can be extended until all the financial affairs belonging to that tournament have been settled.

2. Annual membership

You pay into the club's account EUR 40.00 before 1 February and no surcharge on the participation cost in tournaments during that same year.

Annual membership will expire automatically on 31 December of the year for which the membership was paid, but membership can be extended until all the financial affairs belonging to that year have been settled.

3. Life Membership

You pay into the club's account EUR 200.00 and as of that moment are considered to be a member for life.

You no longer pay a surcharge on the participation cost for tournaments.

Life membership will expire only when the member dies or when he informs the club's secretary of his decision to terminate his membership after unfinished financial affairs have been settled.

Nomination for tournaments

At the end of a calendar year (or more often if needed) the club secretary sends to all members a list of tournaments for the coming year(s).

A member interested in taking part in one (or more) of the tournaments listed writes an e-mail to the secretary or to his local Alliance-coordinator nominating himself as a potential player for the tournaments he mentions in that e-mail.

Selection of players

If more than 18 players have nominated themselves for being part of a team in one tournament, then the executive committee of the club will make a selection. FIH-rules state that per team there can be no more than 18 players.

Managers, captains

For each tournament there is one person who acts as manager for the teams, each team has a captain. Generally, volunteers fill these functions, but the executive committee has the final decision which person shall be manager and/or captain.

Playing kit

A shirt should be bought from the club and used when playing for Alliance. The number on the shirt is then kept in the club's database, enabling the secretary of the club to inform the organisers of the tournament who is playing with which number. Temporary members may rent the shirt. Shorts (dark blue) and socks (light blue) need to be bought by the player.

Current (September 2015) Executive Committee

Mr. Daan Holsboer Netherlands President send e-mail
Mr. Roy Wilson South Africa Vice-President send e-mail
Mr. Maarten van Oosterzee Netherlands Hon. Secretary send e-mail
Mr. Peter Terleski England Hon. Treasurer send e-mail
Mrs. Ishbel Dickens USA Chair Women's Division send e-mail


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