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Getting Ready for Barcelona

Latest match schedule and Congress preparations

Less than three weeks to go before we all meet in Barcelona!

Wim and Jaap have just got back from a final session with the organising committee in Barcelona and Real Club de Polo is ready and waiting to greet you - and Castelldefels.

As this is the largest tournament that we have organised and probably the largest Spain has hosted at any age level, it has been even more important for the WGMA Board to work closely with the organising committee on every aspect of the event. The experience of WGMA - Wim and Jaap in particular - will be needed more than ever during the tournament to support the management of 240 games in 10 days!

Adrian Stephenson is currently standing in for David Ewing who is recovering from a recent operation and is unlikely to be able to join us in Barcelona: he would like to remind you that all team managers must register with the TD between 10.00 on Tuesday 19th June and and 14.00 on Wednesday 20th June. This means you must hand in your final team lists and passport details for each of your players, so that they can be checked by those in the TD’s office ahead of the Team Managers’ Meeting.

The sequence of events on the Wednesday 20th June will be as below - please note that these times may differ from those published in earlier announcements:

14.00 Briefing - Umpires
15.00 Briefing - Team Managers
16.00 Briefing - Technical Officials

19.00 Opening Ceremony (on Pitches 2 & 3)

The latest match schedule is attached for your reference and will also be available on both the WGMA and tournament websites, please check again as there are small changes which have been necessary to allow for pitch watering.

The Tournament Party on 28th June looks like being a memorable occasion with over 1000 tickets already sold but the deadline has been extended by a few days for one or two teams who have asked for a little more time to finalise their numbers. Don’t miss out on a great social evening with all your hockey friends. If you don’t place your order in the next few days it may be too late.

Adrian is currently working on the papers for the Congress meeting on Tuesday 26th June but please ensure that date is in your diary and the time of the meeting which is currently scheduled to start at 17.30.

Please can you advise Adrian as soon as possible - before the end of next week - who will be your delegate and your observer(s). As this Congress will be a highly significant one for the future of WGMA and Grand Masters hockey it has been agreed that members may bring up to two observers this year but we must remind you that for the sake of good order only the delegates may speak and vote. Observers should make any point through their delegate and may not speak without the express permission of the chair. Please make this clear to any observers whom you may invite to the meeting.