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Germany M75+ Matches against Netherlands M75+

Breda and Hamburg, October/November 2021

Difficult times for organising hockey matches especially in other countries, but a German M75+ team travelled to Breda in South Holland from 5th-7th October and played two friendly games against Netherlands M75+, unfortunately losing both 3-0. The Dutch players were clearly superior in fitness and ball control, which was to be expected, as the Dutch players come regularly together from all over Holland to train together. During our stay, around 200 60+ players turned up to play friendlies and enjoy each other’s company!

It was neverless a fantastic experience to play hockey again, and to renew acquaintances with our Dutch friends. Both teams have traditionally played against each other over the past decades through the various age groups, but in 2020 due to Corona the arranged fixture had to be cancelled.

As a side note, Belgium M75+ were also present, and played a friendly against Netherlands M75B, winning 1-0. This is the first time Belgium have raised a M75+ team – a historical event for them.

At the invitation of Germany M75+ manager, Horst-Jürgen Wengenroth, the Dutch M75+ later travelled to Hamburg for return friendly matches on 16th and 17th November. The matches were played at the superb Gross Flottbeker Hockey Club. Unfortunately for the German team, the matches were lost 5-2 and 1-0, with the latter defeat showing a marked improvement in the German team‘s performance. A super buffet dinner was organised in the clubhouse, which was enjoyed in a friendly and cordial atmosphere.

As a footnote, many thanks to Horst-Jürgen for the splendid effort in managing both Breda & Hamburg events for the German teams, and for the loyal support from the umpires Wolf Haupt and Michael Noack!

Let’s hope that we can look forward to more such international/European hockey events in the coming year!

Peter Child


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