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Farewell Wim

A message from the Board of WGMA

WGMA has lost a great leader and the messages received from members and friends are a testament to the massive contribution that Wim made to Grand Masters hockey and reflect the love and respect of all who have benefitted from his unstinting enthusiasm and determination as guardian of a sporting lifestyle that we older hockey players - and our supporters - enjoy.

For the past six years Wim, as President, has been the dynamo that has driven WGMA and it has been a pleasure and a privilege for us - his fellow Board members - to work alongside him. Whatever might have been going on behind the scenes at WGMA events - and it wasn’t always plain sailing - Wim was able to smile through it all with an outward calm which assured everyone that all was well with the world.

Such was his enthusiasm to be involved at every level, that Wim was often player, umpire and even TD, on occasions, in the same tournament but no one was too bothered - he had no trouble in being competitive, impartial and authoritative.

Wim was also devoted to the idea that everyone should enjoy themselves away from the hockey and this was always central to the planning of every event and the guidance that he gave to tournament hosts. The party that he himself organised on the beach at Scheveningen during the 2014 World Cup at The Hague remains in many minds the best ever and the standard by which other parties are judged.

We have all lost a great friend but we are determined that WGMA will live on and prosper and that Wim’s legacy will be the continuing success of Grand Masters hockey and the enjoyment that it brings to older hockey players around the world.

The Executive Board of WGMA
2nd December 2020