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European Trophy 2010 - Newsletter 2

The Organisation committee is very happy to provide you with the following information. First of all we are proud to present the complete Officials list of the committee members. You'll be very pleased to note that hockey is indeed a very modern sport. We are ahead of many other sports organisations in that we are proving that a big event can be perfectly organised by people with different nationalities. Belgians and Dutchmen working closely and in excellent atmosphere together.

Oganisation Committee

Jean-Claude LeClef Chairman
Erik Gysels Vice Chairman
Bernard Verbunt WGMA TC
Wim van Noortwijk WGMA TD

Organisation Braxgata HC

  • Eric Pirenne
  • Katrine Noels
  • Fred van Cautenberg

Hockey Tournament Officials

Bernard Verbunt Tournament Coördinator (TC)
Wim van Noortwijk Tournament Director (TD)
Frank van 't Hek Tournament Executive (TE)
Bert van Gils Umpire Manager (UM)
Willem van Groendendijk Tournament Secretary (TS)

Tournament Programme booklet

In this booklet you'll be able to find all details important to you during this tournament.

IMPORTANT: Please let us have by the 15th of April the players lists enabling us to prepare the booklet in time.


There will be briefings for the team managers and captains as well as the umpires in offices available to the organisation. These briefings are planned on the 2nd of June and times will be communicated in the next bulletin.

Catering (Food & Beverages)

Tasty warm and cold food will be served during the day at and around the Clubhouse. Various Belgian beers, wines and other drinks will be served at the bar.
You'll be happy to enjoy the typical Belgian way of life! Bottled water will be available at the pitches free of charge.

The Get-together on Friday evening June the 4th at the Braxhouse

It will indeed be an outstanding affair..

The Braxhouse offers an excellent environment, where you will be able to enjoy the rich Belgian "BBQ cuisine" . Unwind after the games at the Braxhouse bar & lounge with a drink, the typical Belgian beers, wines and other drinks and hot and cold food at a very reasonable price.

Training facilities and changing rooms

The Braxgata grounds are available to us as from June 2nd 13.00 P.M. until June 5th 14.00 P.M. In due time we shall communicate a practice schedule on the day of your arrival. We request you kindly to communicate to us your time of arrival and wishes in that respect. During the tournament there is a small pitch available for practice.

There are 8 changing rooms for the teams and in the next newsletter we shall explainhow these will be allocated.

Tournament Offices

During the tournament we shall have two offices at our disposal. We'll have a communication system for the publication of the match results and direct communication with the first aid and medics will be in place.


There is a large parking space available at the Ground. Parking is free, but a certain number of spaces will be reserved for members of the medical staff and the
organisation. We'll let you know more in due time.

Medical & First Aid

During the Tournament a medical post will be staffed continuously by fully qualified nurses and a medical doctor. A so called AED will be at their service.

Attached for your information is a photo giving a 'bird's eye view' of the Braxgata Club's facilities.

Our 3rd Newsletter will come out by the 3rd week of April.

We wish you all pleasant and possibly sunny Easter holidays.

Our very best regards,

Bernard Verbunt
Vice President WGMA and your TC.


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