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Essmat Youseff

Farewell to a great friend of WGMA

We were sad to hear of the death earlier this year of Ahmed Essmat Youssef, President of the Egyptian Hockey Veterans. Essmat was responsible for introducing Egypt to Grand Masters hockey and first brought an Egyptian 60+ team to the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup at Leverkusen in 2006. His Egyptian team became regular participants at the LUC Ronchin Tournament at Lille and also played in tournaments at Padua and Bra.

Essmat himself had played for the Egyptian national team and later became their manager. He was an umpire and chair of the Egyptian Umpiring Committee. He became Treasurer and then General Secretary of the Egyptian Hockey Federation. He was later made a vice president of the Egyptian Hockey Federation and also of the Arabic Hockey Federation. He was a member of the FIH Rules Committee and a tireless supporter of Grand Masters hockey and a familiar friendly face at many tournaments. We hope that Egypt will honour his memory by continuing to be an important member of the Grand Masters family.

All Photos: Essmat Youseff


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