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Asian Veterans Over 60s Hockey

First major steps have been made to promote Veterans Over 60 hockey in Asia, with Japan and Korea reaching agreement to hold two friendly matches in Seoul on 5th and 6th June, 2010.

The matches were held at the Korea National Sport University hockey field. The results were:

5.6 Korea 5-1 Japan
6.6 Korea 6-5 Japan

The games were performed in fair and friendly but competitive atmosphere. Korean members prepared this event with well-maintained pitch, capable referees, specially prepared flags, free drinks, and a warm welcome. A sophisticated dinner party was held at an authentic Korean restaurant and a good time was enjoyed together.

Various subjects were discussed for the future:

  1. It was mutually agreed that this event is just the beginning of a lasting friendship between the two organisations.
  2. Korean teams will visit Osaka in November for the second event.
  3. Korea will consider participating in the East Asia Regional GM tournament in Singapore in November 2011 which is currently being planned by Singapore Hockey Association.
  4. Korea will consider positively joining WGMA in near future.

Note: The WGMA Vice President for Asia, Mr. Kenji Hamanaka, introduced Japan as new WGMA members in 2008, and they took part in the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup in Hong Kong in September, 2008.


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