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Alliance Nominations for World Cup 2016

A letter from Daan Holsboer

Dear friends in hockey,

During the European Cup tournament in London this year I have been approached by at least 5 persons (I stopped counting) who asked if there would be room in a team of Alliance IHC for players from their country. These persons felt that most likely many players they represent would not be able to form a team of their own country (mostly for TT teams, but also for national teams) to play in the World Cup 2016 in Newcastle, NSW.

As the primary purpose of Alliance IHC is to provide a platform to play hockey to those players who cannot get together a team of their own nationality my answer has been "yes of course, if nominated in time".

We expect the decision in most countries on what teams to send will be taken in October. Knowing human nature a bit, this may well mean that the decision will be taken at the latest possible moment, i.e. 19 October when registration will close. Only then it will be clear who can go and who cannot get a team together.

At that latest date it would have become too late for the "orphaned" players to contact Alliance IHC, get the membership form, fill in the data requested and return to Maarten van Oosterzee (Alliance IHC Hon. secretary - and be processed correctly into the appropriate team(s) and be used for registration of the extra Alliance teams that we now are expecting will be needed.

Therefore we have asked for, and received, permission from WGMA to be allowed to finalise the registration of the teams of Alliance IHC two weeks after the closing date. That means that the "orphaned" players mentioned here-above will have time to contact Alliance IHC and get their nomination in order and thus allow them to join with the tournament in Newcastle in May 2016.

Closing date for nomination to Alliance IHC is therefore at 1 November 2015, 17:00 h, GMT.

We ask all of you to inform everyone interested in playing in Newcastle about this situation and the solution Alliance IHC offers to those players who otherwise would not be able to come and play in the World Cup 2016.

To speed things up you find attached the player registration form that must be send to Maarten van Oosterzee (Alliance IHC Hon. secretary - with the player's nomination (unless, of course, the player already is a member of Alliance IHC) (two versions, take the one your text processor accepts).

Also attached is the text of the standard "welcome" mail that is sent when someone expresses an interest in joining with a team of Alliance IHC for the first time.

Looking forward to receiving your reactions,
Best regards,

Daan Holsboer
President, Alliance International Hockey Club