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Dear Hockey Friends,

my time as president of WGMA over a period of 12 years, and the earlier formative years devoted to setting up the WGMA organisation brought me a great deal of pleasure, commencing at a time when I thought that at the ripe age of 60, my hockey 'career' was over! 15 years on, I can look back in satisfaction in seeing how far the Grand Masters hockey movement has developed.

Adrian Stephenson

The History

Two organisations currently exist which have responsibility for Masters and Grand Masters hockey respectively :

Adrian Stephenson

Masters Hockey can play an important role in future wellbeing of the game through encouraging older players to continue playing and therefore being active members of their clubs and, in many cases, other hockey organisations.

By providing enjoyment in hockey for players over 40 years of age, Masters hockey is retaining in the game a pool of men and women who can bring a number of benefits to the game

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